1.1. Customer Inspector:

This program guarantees the client that what he has contracted is what he receives, our group of inspectors remains on the project and supervises, runs tests, verifies materials and procedures, and records progress during project execution.

1.2. Inspection Of Tanks, Pipe And Buildings:

We have CERTIFIED inspectors under API, AWS, NACE, ASNT, which guarantees our customers the results. These inspections may be carried out during construction on New projects or when they have entered service, being able to perform the Inspections in Service or Out of Service.


We perform Inspection and Certification of Welding and Equipment in Buildings, Bridges, Pipelines, Tanks, etc. Inspection of equipment integrity. Inspection of coatings, hollyday detection or pitting, in pipes with epoxy, asphalt, asbestos, glass fiber, dielectric coating. In bottoms and inner walls of tanks.