We aim to be the preferred company in Central America both on the trust bestowed upon by the client, and on the implementation of quality control systems for welding inspection.


To be the most reliable contrivance, the safest and most efficient; providing certified and qualified services, our results represent our three core values: integral, on time, reliable.


We are defined by our positive leadership, responsibility taken on our commitments, precision on our diagnostics, integrity of our results, righteousness of our acts, the quality of our job, ethics and discretion regarding our customers and competitors.


    • Support our customers on the development of their companies and projects, providing products and services of the highest quality at the most reasonable price.

    • Provide results that are integral, on time, and reliable, essential tools for efficient take on decisions and Standards, yielding better projects.
    • Provide Quality Assurance services, Non-Destructive Testing, Welding Inspection, Post-Welding Heat Treatment, and more.
    • Develop Owner Inspection Programs (OIP), and Project Quality Audits (PQA).


Our founder developed our work philosophy, and is all about results, our customers will receive results that are:

  • Reliable: All of our personnel have been trained, qualified and certified according to our ASNT Level III approved Written Practice, based on the current SNT-TC-1A recommended practice.
  • On-Time: We are aware of the haste on the decision making, and the importance of having on hand current, reliable results on time.
  • Integrity: All of the results are reported, collated with the referred norms, objective and without bias.