To perform the work contracted to radiography, we count with CHAMBERS OF GAMMA-RAY EXPOSURE, with Ir192 radioactive element (Iridium 192) with all accessories, including tungsten collimators to reduce radiation levels and professional Negatoscopes to ensure a proper evaluation and interpretation of X-rays, Image Quality Indicators types: ASTM, DIN, API, ASME, thread and plaque. Framed in the law, has the recognition of its operations with Ionizing Radiation, authorized by the Department of Energy, special equipment for emergency purposes (clip for source recuperation lost, Geiger Muller radiation detectors and alarms).

In the ultrasound technique, we have professional teams in the prestigious brand Panametrics, MODEL EPOCH IIIB and KRAUTKRAMER, MODEL USN 60 with penetrating power of up to 6 meters steel, including transducers that allow us to weld evaluations of almost any kind, including mapping of cracks in large shafts and gears.

There is equally the principle ultrasonic thickness gauges, which accessing only one side can determine which is the wall thickness as well as the degree of deterioration due to corrosion.

In techniques Penetrant and Magnetic Particle, we have teams to work in daylight and in dark environments with ultraviolet light, market-leading brands such as Magnaflux, Sherwin, and so on.

For the Qualification of Welders and Welding Procedures have doubles team of specimens (GUIDED BEND TEST) and stressed (TENSILE STRENGH TEST), it suggests that our team is fully portable, which allows us to develop until the last request of the international technical standards such as ASTM A-370, among others.

We also test weld penetration, this method allows for the fusion and penetration of filler material in the base metal, for this we have test tubes, applicators and chemical agents to observe the line of fusion, we use 14X optical microscope. This technique may be used in butt joints and fillet or at an angle.